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Implement NDC with ARC

With ARC’s secure, flexible and cost-effective settlement platform, airlines and travel agencies can create customized, effectively managed partnerships that leverage New Distribution Capability (NDC).
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From travel trends to blockchain implementation, ARC addressed timely air travel topics impacting the industry in 2019. Check out some of our most engaging blog content from the previous year.

This agreement is a continuation of the existing relationship between the two organizations and will further implementation of the industry’s evolving airline retailing technology standards — including New Distribution Capability (NDC).

ARC's Memo Manager product will now leverage a new platform to enhance its own technology efficiencies, resulting in various visual improvements and equipping it with the flexibility to accommodate future use cases.

On December 31, 2019, Chinese authorities alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) about a pneumonia-like outbreak in Wuhan, a river port city in central China.

A major topic of discussion in the travel industry, REAL ID is scheduled to take
effect later this year. Here's what travel agents and travelers should know
about the October 1 deadline.

ARC has acquired a majority interest in nuTravel, a company that builds custom and integrated booking, loyalty management and e-commerce platforms for the global airline industry.

Why should business travelers have to make a tradeoff between status and service, depending on where they buy? What if they could have both?

Here are some areas you should examine to ensure your agency is well-equipped to prevent fraud, both for the holiday season and for the new year.

From all of us at ARC to our customers, industry partners and travelers, thank
you for an outstanding 2019. We look forward to working alongside you in 2020 to build our industry’s future together.

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ARC connects airlines, travel agencies, travel managers and travelers across channels to create a more seamless, transparent and inclusive retailing environment.

"British Airways is excited to be the first test partner to ARC's enhanced settlement functionality, which enables us to evolve our distribution strategy with the travel agency channel."

Simon Brooks, Senior Vice President, Sales for North America
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"The Agency BI tool pays for itself. I am now ultra-prepared before airline reviews."

Shane Chapman, Vice President, Airline Supplier Relations, Ovation
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"Analyzing massive data sets with our partners at ARC gives us smart insights that we can pass along to travelers."

Greg Schulze, Senior Vice President, Global Tour & Transport, Expedia Inc.
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"ARC Pay offers convenience, access to all card brands, back-office reconciliation and high transaction limits."

Bryan Leibman, President & CEO, Frosch
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"Direct Data Solutions is the most comprehensive industry data source available today."

Zia Syed, Director of Data Management & Sales Reporting, American Airlines
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"The Debit Memo Working Group, with ARC’s leadership and guidance, has accelerated positive changes for the industry."

Teresa Young, Senior Manager, Global Airline Debit Memos, Expedia, Inc.
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"Thanks to Aria, airline analyses that used to take us four days a month now only takes us one hour. These time savings alone have made it a worthwhile investment."

Helena Jursca, Senior Analyst, Product Nation, Flight Centre
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Maximize Your Bottom Line

ARC's business intelligence tools for airlines and agencies provide a holistic view of your organization's sales data and enable you to benchmark performance against peers.

Agency BI Airline BI
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Preserve Agency Relationships. Recover Lost Revenue.

Let ARC handle your airline’s recovery of outstanding debit memos. With Revenue Recovery Service, you can trust that your agency relationships are in good hands.

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Convenient Payment Processing

ARC Pay isn’t limited to service fees. Travel agents can use ARC’s GDS-integrated payment solution to charge up to $10,000 per transaction for any travel-related service.

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Memo Analyzer

With ARC's Memo Analyzer tool, airlines and travel agencies can gain actionable insights into key memo metrics like reason, volume, status and trends over time.

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ARC provides flexible distribution solutions and the world’s most comprehensive air travel data, helping airlines and travel agencies connect, grow and thrive.