ARC Omnichannel Retailing

ARC Omnichannel Retailing

Today’s travelers are increasingly using a variety of platforms and providers to shop for, buy and service their travel. ARC believes the future of air travel retailing is a “buy anywhere, service anywhere” omnichannel ecosystem rather than today’s channel-exclusive environments. Through its products, solutions and investments, ARC connects airlines, travel agencies, travel managers and travelers across channels to create a more seamless, transparent and inclusive retailing environment.

Seamless Travel Experiences

The modern traveler expects a shopping experience that is streamlined, simple and consistent across every channel. In reality, travelers currently have to make tradeoffs between the direct and indirect channels, choosing between airline status perks and TMC servicing. In an evolved environment, travelers can access the same rich content, attentive service and seamless experience — no matter which booking channel they choose.

Powerful Data

Effective retailing is driven by transparency. Travelers want enough information to make the best buying decision. Likewise, travel managers need greater visibility into their travelers’ itineraries across all channels. Airlines and their channel partners can deliver more personalized services with greater efficiency by ensuring a consistent, accurate and transparent single version of truth. Travelers will have increased ownership of their trip, enhancing overall experience and satisfaction.

Channel-Agnostic Service

In today’s environment, TMCs are unable to service tickets booked in the direct channel. We want to change that. By expanding servicing capabilities to authorized TMCs, airlines can ensure their corporate customers have high-touch support when they need it. In a channel-agnostic servicing environment, travel managers will have greater visibility into all client travel, enabling them to better fulfill duty of care.

Our Investments

ARC is making key investments in a wide range of innovative companies and solutions to support omnichannel retailing. These solutions allow industry partners to retain ownership of their critical systems and technology.


nuTravel is an independent subsidiary of ARC, focusing on innovation and delivery excellence for airlines serving corporate travelers. nuTravel develops applications that provide airlines with online retailing solutions with enhanced features to support travel agency services.


As a leading data aggregation and B2B travel technology provider, Traxo helps travel managers gain visibility into their travelers’ direct bookings and better support duty of care requirements, including sharing data with their TMCs. ARC holds an equity investment in Traxo.

ARC's Technology

New Distribution Capability (NDC)

New Distribution Capability (NDC) enables airlines and travel agencies to exchange richer content and data. With ARC’s secure, flexible and cost-effective settlement platform, airlines and travel agencies can create customized, effectively managed partnerships that leverage NDC.

Emerging Forms of Payment

In an evolved distribution environment, the traveler will be able to pay how they want: with multiple forms of payment or emerging payment methods. ARC supports a variety of standard and emerging forms of payment, including PayPal, Alipay and UnionPay.

Comprehensive Data

ARC has the world's most comprehensive air transaction data, which can be leveraged to identify travel trends and accelerate business growth. ARC's data is versatile, delivering actionable insights into broad trends and distinct details.

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