Fraud Webinar: Keeping Fraud Down When Business Ramps Up


Fraud Webinar: Keeping Fraud Down When Business Ramps Up

Airlines are adding flights to their schedules for summer, fall and into 2021. With that increase in capacity and as more people return to travel, agencies, airlines and GDSs need to be prepared to deal with the scams that have been on the rise.

In this webinar, ARC and Perseuss experts will share:

  • The latest observations on industry business indicators, and
  • Fraud mitigation mechanisms to help companies across the travel spectrum.

Everyone who attends this webinar will be given free access to ARC Risk Check for two months. You can start your free access now to get familiar with the tool and bring questions you might have to the webinar.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Prepare for air travel recovery with confidence that fraud is manageable.
  • Lower the costs of fraud protection in a time when every expense matters.
  • Use a unique reputation score to decide whether to accept a customer.
  • Manage card not present (CNP) fraud with artificial intelligence and industry-wide data contributions.
  • Block fraudulent customers while lessening the risk of accepting new, legitimate ones.
  • Prevent fraud by leveraging the combined power of the industry.
  • Incorporate artificial intelligence that adapts quickly to the ways fraudsters’ strategies change.
  • Proactively drive down debit memos.