Lauri Reishus

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Lauri Reishus

President & Chief Executive Officer

Lauri Reishus is passionate about connecting stakeholders throughout the travel ecosystem and sees ARC as the industry leader for data insights, flexible distribution services and innovative financial solutions. She works closely with the executive team in leading ARC’s mission to accelerate the growth of global air travel.

Lauri has spent more than three decades in the industry because she believes in travel’s power and potential to connect the world. She began her career at American Airlines before moving to the travel agency side of the business where she led global customer success management with SatoTravel/TQ3 Navigant before joining ARC in 2005.

Lauri hails from northern Wisconsin. She’s a graduate of George Mason University, an avid traveler and now lives (and explores the world) with her family in Northern Virginia.

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What’s the one book you’d take to a desert island?

“Zemindar” by Valerie Fitzgerald. “Zemindar” is an international bestseller and winner of the Georgette Heyer Historical Novel Prize. It’s everything I love in a book – rich with history from a fascinating and unfamiliar part of the world, magnificent character and storyline development, and an epic love story.

Who would be your dream person to sit next to on a plane?

Sojourner Truth. On a plane, at a dinner table, anywhere. Ms. Truth survived slavery and was an activist for human rights, a preacher and an abolitionist. She raised children; she raised Black troops to fight for the Union. I would love to hear the story of her life and her work from her firsthand.

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What’s the best piece of advice you’d give someone?

Listen and pay attention. Four simple words, so packed with power. This advice cuts through all the distractions of our daily lives and focuses on what’s most important for building strong relationships both personally and professionally. Active listening requires truly paying attention. Paying attention also means caring about others to understand how they are doing and what’s important to them.

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