Mike Premo, President and CEO

Leadership & Governance

Mike Premo

Mike Premo

As President and CEO, Mike Premo plans and leads the execution of ARC's overall corporate strategy. With the help of the Executive Team, he also oversees the company's operations in support of revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Premo became ARC's President and CEO in June 2011 after serving as the company's Vice President of Business Development, during which he managed and guided relationships with all ARC customer groups, including travel agents, Corporate Travel Departments (CTD), carriers and third parties. In addition, Premo was responsible for growing ARC's sales program in support of the company's broad range of products and services.

Before joining ARC in 2006, Premo served as Senior Vice President - Global Network for TQ3 Travel Solutions and held senior executive positions at Navigant International, TQ3's parent company. He also served as President and CEO of SatoTravel from 1990-1999. Having grown up in Minnesota, Premo began his industry career at Northwest Airlines after which he first entered the agency business at Gelco Travel.