2015 News Releases


2015 News Releases

The dollar value of airline tickets sold by U.S.-based travel agencies decreased 1.4% in the first 11 months of 2015.

Expedia in partnership with ARC released its analysis of 2015 air travel trends and predictions for 2016.

Major Milestone Clarifies Root Causes to Reduce Memo Frequency

Major Milestone Clarifies Root Causes to Reduce Memo Frequency

Recipients Show Exemplary Dedication and Leadership to Better the Air Travel Industry

Data Rich, Web-Based System Gives Carriers Insight Into Their Agency Distribution Channel

Company’s Fraud Mitigation Efforts Prove Critical to Investigation by Secret Service

Ticket Transactions Rise 5.6 Percent Year-To-Date Compared To Same Period In 2014

Proposed Changes to ARC’s Credit Card Billing Process and Chargeback Policy Lead the Agendas

Holly Hegeman, Leading Airline Authority and Publisher, also to Address Conference

Ticket Transactions Increased 5.46 Percent Year-To-Date Compared To Same Period In 2014

Washington Business Journal Honors Company’s Commitment to Employee Well-Being

Improved Interface, Performance and Filtering Options Highlight New Version

Ticket Transactions Increased 4.97 Percent in First Seven Months of 2015 Compared to 2014

Presentations Feature Cyber Security Expert, John Sileo And Acclaimed Graffiti Artist, Erik Wahl.

Offers to Include Seat Upgrades and Lounge Day Passes for Travel Agency Clients

Company to Reveal Cost-Effective Origin and Destination-Specific Reports for Benchmarking

Ticket Transactions Increased 4.86 Percent in First Six Months of 2015 Compared to 2014

Vice President and General Counsel Departs after 30-Years of Service

Agreement is Basis for Creating Advanced Benchmarking Products and Consulting Services

Company Anticipates A Five-Year Timeframe To Fully Modernize Legacy Settlement System

Ticket Transactions Increased 4.22 Percent for First Five Months of 2015 vs. 2014

FareSight Case Study Shows The Competitive Advantages Gained Using ARC Data

Joint Study Shows Various Data Points Including Average Ticket Price Fluctuations

New Policy Accepting Flight Manifest for "Friendly Fraud" Chargebacks Announced at ARC's Credit Card Working Group Meeting

Memo Analyzer Helps Agency Get Insight through Holistic View of its Debit Memos

ARC's Debit Memo Working Group Initiatives Takes Hold in the TRS Program

Comparison of 2015 to 2014 Show Hawaii and Munich with Largest Drop

Ticket Transactions Rise 4.86 Percent in First Four Months of 2015 Versus 2014

Examination of 4.1 Million Tickets Show Hawaii and Serbia with Largest Reductions

Task Forces Created to Focus on 3D Secure and Reduce Payment Costs

Ticket Transactions Increase 4.63 Percent in First Three Months of 2015 vs. 2014

Erik Wahl, John Sileo and Holly Hegeman Confirmed As Conference Speakers

Ticket Transactions Increased 2.75 Percent for First Two Months of 2015 vs. 2014

Transactions for January 2015 Increase Slightly over January 2014

Significant Decrease in Debit Memos is Ultimate Goal of Working Group

Inaugural Meeting Held Yesterday at ARC Headquarters

Industry Veterans to Spearhead Proactive Outreach to Travel Agencies

Certification Now Tied to Continuing Education vs. Exam Every Four Years

The dollar value of airline tickets sold by U.S.- based travel agencies increased 4.02 % year-over-year in 2014 compared to 2013