2017 News Releases


2017 News Releases

Average U.S. Roundtrip Ticket Price Remains Steady at $484

Agencies Will Earn Higher Commissions on Bookings Through GetYourGuide

New Report Helps Travelers Make Informed Choices

Passenger Trips Also Increased More Than Five Percent

ARC to Co-Host Symposium Specialized Track on Passenger Distribution and Sales

Premo to Join Industry Executives for a Roundtable at the Phocuswright Conference

Decision Due to Viator Terminating Partnership Agreement

Current Platform Adaptable to Airlines’ Present and Future Directions

Annual Awards Given for Leadership, Innovation and Industry Collaboration

Average Ticket Prices Are Down 1.2 Percent YoY

Tool Enhancements Mark Major Debit Memo Working Group Milestone

U.S. Fares Dropped Five Percent to Fly to Munich vs. 2016

Airline Ticket Sales for August 2017 Increase Nearly Four Percent

Tickets Purchased to Kansas City, Mo. Increased 249 Percent

The product processed more than 500,000 debit memos in 2016.

Average Roundtrip Ticket Price Down Three Percent Compared to July 2016

Latest Contribution by 14 Carriers Grows Total to 130 Unique Codes

ARC MarketPlace Activity Bookings within Iceland Also Increase

Aria, Air Program Monitor Provide Insights for Mid-Sized Agencies and Corporations

Demonstrations and Information for Attendees Available in ARC’s Booth

Report Reveals Building Roundtrip Travel with One-Way Tickets is Sometimes Cheaper

Airline Ticket Sales Also Increase by 3.2%

Company Also to Preview Enhancements to Its Business Intelligence Products

Group’s Efforts Result in nearly $70 Million in Industry Savings in 2016

U.S. Destinations Absent From Independence Day Top 10 List

Data Sharing Results in the Arrest of 153 Suspected Criminals

Average U.S. Roundtrip Ticket Price Remains Steady in 2017

Global Agency Pro helped tourism organization maximize the U.S. travel agency channel

Initial Meeting Focused on Stakeholder Requirements to Implement NDC Pilots

Report Reveals Corporate Travel Policies Can Sway Employee Retention

Credit Card Chargebacks Remain a Key Concern Globally

Average US Roundtrip Ticket Price Rose $3 Last Month Compared to March

Aria equips travel agencies with comprehensive, settled ticketing data

U.S. Travel Agency Air Ticket Sales Increase in March

Average ticket price to Phoenix from Final Four states is $431

Reishus has more than 30 years of global travel management experience with 12 years of increasing executive responsibilities at ARC.

Redesigned site now includes monthly average roundtrip ticket price

Cash sales, transactions saw an uptick

Nearly 16,000 unique travel agents have used the website in the past 10 years, up from about 270 users in 2007.

Total transactions increased more than 11 percent vs. 2016

Travelers looking to fly south during the winter months can expect to pay slightly less than last year.

EMD Processing for Ancillaries Increased 250 Percent

The Airlines Reporting Corp. announced the launch of Memo Analyzer version 3.0