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ARC Releases Payments API Under New ARC Pay Platform

ARC Pay API Introduced to Support an Evolving Travel Industry

ARLINGTON, Va – August 21, 2019Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) announced today the release of the ARC Pay platform, a consolidation of the company’s current payment solutions with the addition of a newly-released API. The platform provides customers with enhanced, flexible capabilities for accepting credit card payments to support their growth strategies as the travel industry evolves to enable omnichannel retailing.

The ARC Pay platform includes TASF, rebranded as ARC Pay GDS, and Agent’s Choice, rebranded as ARC Pay Hub. The ARC Pay GDS and ARC Pay Hub products continue to offer the same convenience, flexibility and streamlined workflow to efficiently process customer credit card payments without the need for additional user training.

The platform also incorporates ARC Pay API, a new payment product extension that extends automated credit card acceptance abilities to third-party integrators and travel industry organizations, including agencies.

“ARC’s payment products continue to enable travel agencies to remain competitive in the rapidly changing industry landscape,” said Joseph Cavanagh, ARC’s director of payment products. “This consolidation and expansion of our payment products platform affirms ARC’s ongoing commitment to support the myriad of new omnichannel distribution strategies ARC’s customers are pursuing.”

For almost 25 years, travel agencies of all sizes have trusted ARC to process credit card transactions securely. ARC Pay GDS, available within all GDS platforms, is integrated into ARC’s settlement system, providing convenient, accurate processing and reporting at competitive rates without the need for multiple merchant accounts.

Link HERE to more information about ARC Pay.

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