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ARC Reporting Tool Saves Great GetAways Travel Time and Resources

Access to Real-Time Data and Reporting Helps GGA Maximize Partnerships

ARLINGTON, Va. – March 7, 2019 Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) released a case study describing the benefits Great GetAways Travel (GGA) is realizing by leveraging ARC’s Aria web tool, a business intelligence dashboard of ARC-settled sales transactions designed for agencies. The case study details how Aria’s accurate data enables GGA to save time when pulling detailed client performance reports when preparing for strategic airline meetings.

Using Aria’s report builder dashboard, GGA decreased report creation labor time from four weeks to approximately four days each quarter, equating to an estimated savings of 128 hours per year. The agency reported strengthened confidence in its numbers, which led to more effective and transparent meetings with airline partners. The GGA team uses Aria during airline meetings to display live data, manage incentives and ensure the most beneficial agreements are in place.

“The two biggest successes we’ve seen with Aria are the number of hours saved in completing reports for clients and the ability to see live data during airline meetings,” said Diane Mabardi, GGA’s president and CEO. “There are a lot of products out there that do pieces of this, but Aria has everything all in one place.”

Download the full case study online.

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