Our Data

Our Data

ARC has the world’s most comprehensive source of data about passenger air travel, critical for effective benchmarking, performance validation and identifying ongoing opportunities.

Connecting the World Through Air Travel Intelligence

Settling more than 2.2 billion passenger flights annually—over $86 billion in transactions—ARC is the world's most comprehensive source of passenger air travel data. Our extensive records provide insights into broad trends as well as granular details, allowing you to isolate the information that matters to your business.

Comprehensive Insights

Our air travel data covers approximately 60 percent of global ticket sales.

  • 2.2 billion passenger flights
  • 3,300 airports
  • 360 airlines
  • 230 countries and territories
High-Quality Data

Trusted, Essential Air Travel Data


Because of our expertise in financial settlement, data from ARC is a credible, unbiased and neutral source for the industry.


ARC’s products include settled ticketing data, which is the closest and most compatible to airline data, and includes past and future travel dates.


ARC receives daily ticketing data from U.S. travel agencies and weekly market data from airlines.


ARC's state-of-the-art technology ensures maximum security, including the ARC-owned data center with full PCI Compliance.

Ticketing Data

What's in an Airline Ticket?

ARC's comprehensive ticketing data is uniquely versatile: It delivers reliable, large-scale insights into origin-and-destination pairs, seasonality and future travel trends, but it also drills down to granular details, such as fare class and location.

Whats in an airline ticket?
Our Priorities

Secure and Reliable

ARC's data is accurate and secure. The insights and products we deliver are exclusively based on real sales data from the purchase of air travel tickets. Our data gives you concrete, trustworthy insights to drive your business strategy.

secure and reliable
Airline Sales Statistics

ARC Data in Action

View and interact with ARC's most recent data on passenger air ticket sales,
fares, agency segmentation and more.


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