ARC's Brand Identity

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ARC's Brand Identity

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is unveiling its new brand identity, which includes a new company logo, tagline and market positioning. This rebrand emerged from the need for ARC to reposition itself in the marketplace to better align with the corporation’s current business strategy and initiatives. As many of you know, ARC is not only in the process of modernizing its settlement system but is also simultaneously growing its product suite and seeking to increase awareness around its data capabilities.

“ARC’s new branding speaks directly about who we are today as a company and an accurate reflection of how we’re seen in the travel industry,” said Mike Premo, ARC’s president and CEO.

The Intelligence Behind Air Travel

For more than 30 years, ARC has been a trusted provider of settlement services for airlines, travel agencies and corporate travel departments, settling more than $86 billion in transactions annually. Because of this unique history, ARC has become a company truly built on high quality data, and ultimately, the single record of truth for data collection of airline ticket transactions.

The company is now using this unmatched insight to create data products and services that empower the industry. ARC’s data solutions provide some of the industry’s strongest products and services grounded in objective, comprehensive, actionable data. With a customer-centric approach to innovation, ARC yields products that solve key business problems and open up new opportunities in an evolving market.

Many of these opportunities have arisen from ARC leveraging its unique position as a unifying leader in the travel industry. The company sponsors and leads numerous working groups about matters such as debit memos and credit card security, and these groups bring together segments of the travel industry that traditionally had not collaborated in person to find solutions to common issues.

“We are proud of our heritage and the transformations we’ve made in recent years as a provider of air travel intelligence. Our new identity will now illustrate this and be a reminder to our employees, customers and industry colleagues that ARC is an approachable company that is ahead of the curve in an industry where airline ticketing data is so critical,” said Mike Premo, ARC’s president and CEO.

ARC Brand Collateral

Central to ARC’s new visual identity is the company’s new logo, redesigned to embrace ARC’s strong legacy and also carry the brand into the future. Special care was paid to embody both of ARC’s key business cornerstones: from the precisely cut angles of the “R” (representing the accuracy of the data the company provides) to the soft curves of the “C” (touching on the humanist aspect of the customers it serves). The logo, along with a new dynamic color palette, will help push the company forward.