Settlement Services

Settlement Services

As a trusted provider of settlement services, ARC supports U.S. travel agencies and global travel suppliers in better managing the business they do together.
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ARC provides its participating airlines one-stop access to the U.S. agency distribution channel — more than 10,000 points of sale — as well as financial services to process transactions, reduce risk, and address fraud; and industry expertise to support the future of airline distribution.

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Travel Agencies

ARC gives U.S. travel agencies the authority – and ability – to ticket flights worldwide on more than 200 airlines, including processing service fees. ARC’s tools simplify billing and bookkeeping for agencies and provide streamlined transfers to help manage their air business.

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Key Players

Corporate Travel Departments

ARC authorizes corporate travel departments to ticket flights on more than 200 airlines worldwide and helps manage the financial activity flowing through their departments with weekly sales reports and other analysis tools.

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When you’re fulfilling travel on behalf of all the different airlines with all different rules, that front line consultant has a difficult job. The benefit ARC brings to us is really how to do that well—how to be educated through the settlement council and the debit memo working group and how to utilize the tools made available to us to make our agents’ jobs easier, and allow us to do what we do best: sell travel.

Industry Involvement

Updates on Distribution Through ARC

ARC has introduced several critical features to its secure, cost-effective settlement platform. These features allow airlines to distribute their products as they choose while retaining access to the agency sales channel and maintaining the peace of mind that comes from working with ARC.

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Part of our strategy is working with travel agencies, and the folks at ARC do a great job of helping us partner more closely together. Whether it be through TravelConnect, the Debit Memo Working Group or any of the other opportunities ARC facilitates to bring us together, we’ve benefited quite a bit from our relationship with ARC.

Industry Involvement

Bringing the Industry Together

Through working groups, webinars, conferences and more, ARC facilitates collaboration in air travel distribution to help participants propel their businesses – and the future of air travel – forward.