TravelConnect 2018: Transforming Together

TravelConnect brings the air travel industry’s key players together — in one room, at one time. Join us October 11-12 for dynamic discussions on technology advancements, customer experience and distribution strategy — plus valuable networking opportunities and conversational breakout sessions.

TravelConnect kicks off with Dan Clay, innovation partner at Lippincott, who will discuss the quickly evolving expectations of the customer of the future. Throughout the two-day conference, you’ll hear engaging panels and keynotes on everything from blockchain and ONE Order to economic analysis, GDS initiatives, brand building and emerging travel agency business models.

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Navigating One-to-One Relationships in a Many-to-Many Airline Distribution World

New Distribution Capability (NDC) presents new opportunities, as well as new complexities, for airlines and travel agencies. As NDC accelerates in the air travel industry, ARC is committed to delivering flexible, reliable options that enable custom partnerships between airlines and agencies. In this article, Doug Mangold, ARC’s vice president of product, reveals ARC’s high-level vision for settlement and distribution in the future.

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Fraud Alert: Ransomware

Imagine a scenario in which you attempt to log in to your computer system and you are denied access. Your IT staff advises that they cannot access your system either, but they notice a message that your system is now encrypted — you’ve just been hacked!

The hacker now demands payment of a cryptocurrency to receive the decryption code to regain control of your computer system. This type of computer takeover involves the use of ransomware, which is a type of malicious software that may have been sent to you as an attachment through a phishing email that appeared legitimate. It may also have been deployed by staff who unwittingly downloaded the alleged updates to existing software programs.

ARC encourages travel industry partners to review your network security procedures to ensure you’re ready to respond if this occurs at your agency. The following best practices are recommended to reduce your exposure to ransomware incidents.

Best Practices*

  • Ensure your operating software is up to date, as it guarantees the latest patches are deployed.
  • Install antivirus software to constantly scan your systems for external threats.
  • Back up your data on a daily basis and isolate the backup data offline from your operating system.
  • Restrict system administrator rights only to appropriate staff.
  • Train staff on how to spot suspicious emails — especially those with attachments from unknown senders.

Should you have any questions, please contact ARC’s risk management team at 855-358-0393 or email

Keep an eye on ARC’s agent communications for upcoming announcements about ARC’s upcoming Fraud Awareness Month this September, which will feature a variety of webinars and resources featuring experts and solution providers. Webinars will cover fraud detection, industry updates, reporting, security and more.

*The best practices are intended for general informational purposes only, and are not intended to be relied upon as your sole source for information security. Please refer to your own advisors for specific advice.

ARC’s Updated Airline Ancillary Matrix

ARC has successfully launched an updated Airline Ancillary Matrix, a dynamic tool that allows travel agents to search for value-added ancillary products available from each airline through various GDS partners. The updated matrix now allows users to customize their search and filter by GDS, ancillary and airline to find the information they need more quickly.

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This updated Airline Ancillary Matrix is now better aligned with how agents use the tool. ARC extends its sincere thanks to all agents who provided their feedback. To share your feedback on the Airline Ancillary Matrix or any other ARC agent tools, please email

Now in Effect: Elimination of Paper Airline Tickets

Effective June 1, 2018, issuing and printing of airline tickets on Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass (ATB) paper stock have been inhibited in GDSs. As of this date, all airline tickets reported and settled through ARC's systems must be electronic. This change is expected to have minimal impact to travel agencies because virtually all airline tickets reported through ARC are e-tickets.

As mentioned previously, elimination of paper airline tickets does not include the automated Miscellaneous Charge Orders (Auto MCOs). As of June 1, 2018, the Auto MCO is the last remaining ARC paper document. It is still a requirement to print the MCO value coupon on paper ATB stock.

Two related changes that impact the e-ticket, the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) and the Auto MCO:

  • Effective June 1, 2018, the ability to print an e-ticket and EMD passenger receipts, agent coupons, and auditor's coupons on ATB paper stock have been eliminated. If printed, these coupons must be printed on plain paper.
  • Within the next year, by June 1, 2019, the ability to print charge forms on ATB paper stock, as well as auditor’s coupons and agent coupons on plain paper, will be eliminated.

The above accounting documents are considered to be obsolete because they have not been required for settlement in many years. Facsimile versions of auditor's and agent coupons for all ARC documents will continue to be available electronically in ARC's Document Retrieval System (DRS).

How Travel Agents Can Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud

Doug Nass, ARC’s manager of risk management, shared insights with agencies at Travel MarketPlace East in Toronto. This Travel Market Report article by Kerry Tice outlines resources agents can leverage to combat fraud.

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Aria: An Affordable, Easy-to-Use Sales Dashboard for Travel Agencies

ARC has made several major enhancements to Aria — a business intelligence dashboard that provides travel agencies with meaningful, actionable insights into their ARC-settled transactions.

In this article, Aatif Patel, ARC’s product manager for Aria, shows several ways that Aria can enhance your travel agency’s sales performance, as well as outlines some of the product’s most anticipated new features.

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Implementing NDC: A Q&A with British Airways

Curious about New Distribution Capability (NDC)? British Airways is the first airline to pursue a strategy that includes NDC for U.S. travel agents through ARC. We asked British Airways some questions about their vision in the U.S. agency market, as well as their experience partnering with ARC to implement a more flexible settlement process in this Q & A.

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Airlines and Agencies are invited to the NDC Open Forum webinar on June 27th for an NDC overview and discussion session. Click here to register.

8 Ways to Make an Impact on Your Business with Agency BI

ARC’s Agency BI tool is designed to help your travel agency leverage data to optimize performance. This article explores the variety of ways your agency can accelerate business growth using your agency’s sales data trends.

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Plan Unforgettable Trips with GetYourGuide

Looking for finishing touches to complete your clients’ travel experiences? Visit and find high-quality transfers, experiences and adventures to complement your client’s trip.

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With GetYourGuide, travel agents enjoy:

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  1. Step-by-step account registration instructions can be found here. Be sure to include “ARC” under “Referral Partner” to qualify for a special 12 percent commission incentive.*
  2. Once registered, you can work with GetYourGuide to set up individual booking links for each of your travel agents. Please read the Getting Started Guide.

*Commission for tours conducted after December 31, 2018 will start at 8%.

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