InselAir (958/7I) is pleased to announce that it is rejoining ARC with sales effective June 11 , 2018 (PED 06/17/18).

InselAir offers several daily flights between Aruba (AUA), Bonaire (BON) and its hub in Curaçao (CUR), as well as daily flights from Curaçao to Suriname (PBM) and St. Maarten (SXM).

InselAir has elected general concurrence of agent appointment, whereby all ARC accredited agents are appointed as agents of InselAir. In addition to cash, InselAir will accept Visa and Mastercard as valid forms of payment.

Inquiries, reservations and sales information can be obtained by contacting the following:

InselAir International B.V.
Dokweg 19, Maduro Plaza
Willemstad, Curaçao
Call Center (U.S.): 1-855-493-6004
Call Center (CUR): +599-9-737-0444