Elimination of Paper Airline Tickets on June 1, 2018

Effective June 1, 2018, the printing of airline tickets on Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass (ATB) ticket stock will be inhibited. After this date, all airline tickets reported and settled through the ARC system must be electronic. This change is expected to have minimal impact as today over 99.9 percent of the airline tickets issued through ARC are electronic, and this number is rapidly approaching 100 percent.

Please note that this change only applies to paper airline tickets. Travel agents will continue to have the ability to use ATBs for other purposes, including Miscellaneous Charge Orders (MCOs) and passenger receipts. Communication regarding this change will continue to ensure all parties are well-informed and prepared for the June 1, 2018, deadline.

Notice of Changes to the ARA: Effective November 7, 2016

Following ARC’s consultation with travel agency representatives, ARC’s Board of Directors approved a number of changes to the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA).

The primary ARA changes relate to the Additional Operating Requirements (AOR) of Section 34 and the need to better address risks related to financial breaches. There are also a few minor miscellaneous changes included to restore inadvertent omissions in the ARA or reflect current ARC procedures.

A summary of these changes can be found here for your reference. Also, you can view these changes in more detail by clicking here or by viewing them on your My ARC homepage.

These changes will take effect on November 7, 2016. Please note that in accordance with Section 5 of the ARA, your continued participation with ARC after November 7, 2016, will serve as your acceptance of the amendments.

Tip of the Week: Are You Aware that Carrier Contact and Profile Information Are Available Online?

There are two easy ways to access ARC’s Participating Carrier Contact and Profile Information online: You can go directly to the participating carriers list by clicking here or you can find the link inside the Industry Agents’ Handbook (IAH). To access the list, please visit the IAH and select Section 1: Carrier Participants in Agent's Standard Ticket & Area Settlement Plan.