2015 ARC Transaction History File: Available for a Limited Time Only!

On April 1, 2018, your travel agency's 2015 transaction data will be removed from ARC's systems. To keep this data on hand for your back-office needs, purchase your agency's 2015 ARC Transaction History File now.

This file provides you with settled and voided transaction information at the coupon level, allowing you to:

  • Research your transaction history, including debit memo and tax data
  • Share performance history with potential vendors and customers
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have all of your valuable data in house

Your Transaction History File data will be delivered on a CD in text format. Use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access for importing, viewing, sorting and creating your own reports. Additionally, each CD includes the ARC Transaction Viewer, so you can easily search your data for a single transaction—just like you can in ARC's Document Retrieval System (DRS).

Pricing starts at $305 per location, and all orders must be placed by March 31, 2018. To get started, contact Michael White at 703-341-1046 or mwhite@arccorp.com.

Tip of the Week: Viewing and Registering for Upcoming Webinars

ARC offers monthly webinars throughout the year on different topics to educate, inform and assist the travel agency community. In addition to ARC webinars, we work with GDSs, airlines and industry partners to provide a broad spectrum of webinar sessions on relevant and current topics.

To view and to register for upcoming webinars, go to the ARC Events page by clicking here. On the ARC Events page, go the navigation bar and click on Webinars. From here, you can register for any of the upcoming agency webinars.