New Look to TAC Email

Today, ARC is unveiling a new look to the weekly email, Travel Agent Communications (TAC).

While the look of TAC is different, this WILL NOT impact the weekly delivery of this email nor the intended content.

The TAC is one of the primary communication tools that is used to keep agencies informed about important ARC information, including operational updates, events, news and useful tips. Therefore, it is imperative that your agency has identified the appropriate person to read the TAC for this information as it may impact your business.

Additionally, every TAC, including archived TACs, will continue to be published on ARC’s website here.

TravelConnect 2018 Panel – Beyond NDC: How GDSs are Shaping the Future

As the air travel industry evolves, key players like global distribution systems (GDSs), are adopting innovative ways to take their business solutions to the next level.

This year’s program will feature a panel of the top GDS executives from Travelport, Sabre and Amadeus, that will share how they are leveraging leading-edge technology, included machine learning, artificial intelligence and customer identity access (CIAM) to enhance the global travel marketplace.

Moderated by Miriam Moscovici of BDC Travel, attendees can expect to hear about the latest trends and initiatives that are shaping the future of travel distribution and beyond.

To learn more about this year’s TravelConnect program, or to register, click here.

Tip of the Week: Web Browser and Operating System Requirements for ARC Products and Services

Data security is of the utmost importance to ARC. Access to ARC's tools (e.g., My ARC, IAR, Memo Manager, DRS, etc.) is limited to users with approved web browsers and operating systems.

ARC implemented this initiative because not all web browsers and operating systems offer the same level of security. Ensuring that your web browser, operating system and tools are up-to-date will help protect ARC's systems; additionally, they will help prevent your business from being exploited by cyber-criminals.

Please note that while all ARC tools will work with Internet Explorer, some may have different user experiences in other web browsers. You can verify your web browser information and also find assistance on upgrading it (if necessary) by clicking here.

However, before upgrading your operating system, we strongly recommend that you consult with your IT support desk. If you don't have one, we suggest you consult with an IT professional.