California Pacific Airlines Now Accepts American Express

Effective with sales issued on Monday, September 3, 2018 (PED 09/09/18), California Pacific Airlines (920/4A) will begin accepting American Express as a form of payment through ARC.

September is ARC Fraud Awareness Month

Payment fraud is a rapidly growing problem, costing U.S. travel agencies millions of dollars per year. How much is fraud hurting your agency’s bottom line?

To help you combat fraud, ARC has teamed up with a group of international participants to bring you ARC Fraud Awareness Month. Throughout the month of September, we will host a series of dynamic webinars on fraud prevention, with presenters from law enforcement, the private sector and ARC. These webinars will provide insights into current fraud trends, the cost to your business, and practical tips and tools to protect your agency.

With subjects ranging from the Dark Web to security, ARC Fraud Awareness Month will be a rich resource for your agency. A mix of live and recorded webinars makes it easy for you and your teams to participate.


New Alpha Code for Diners Club International

Effective PED 12/09/18, the credit card alpha code used to identify Diners Club International will be converted from DS to DC. While Diners Club International is owned by Discover Financial, it is a separate company. As a result, there is a need to identify the transactions using the unique alpha code along with the numeric code (3600). Agents will begin to see the new code used in Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) and in the IAR Back Office System (BOS) files on Tuesday, December 4.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact the Credit Card Services team at

Tip of the Week: What is an Agent Automated Deduction?

What is an Agent Automated Deduction?
An Agent Automated Deduction (AAD) is a request for reimbursement from an airline for an error in a transaction that was reported in a previous sales report within one of the last 12 PEDs. It may be used to correct a mistake on a transaction in the sales report (i.e. overpayment on a transaction, incorrect commission, etc.). An agent may claim up to $25 on an ARC settled document, but it is limited to one AAD per document.

To create an AAD, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your IAR sales report.
  • Click the ADD tab.
  • Choose TD-AAD.
  • Type in the 14-character ticket number to the right.
  • Click Go.

The AAD screen will then show the values of the originally settled for the ticket. From here, you can make the necessary adjustments in the “Should Be” column and change the net remit accordingly.

ARC will process AADs that are included in an IAR Sales Report; however, the agent is responsible for researching and verifying the circumstances of the transaction. Entering the AAD in IAR does not imply that the airline agrees with the amount or circumstances surrounding the AAD.