Loganair Joins ARC

Loganair (LM/682) will join ARC effective with sales on Monday, January 7, 2019 (PED 01/13/19).

Loganair is a Scottish regional airline, proudly serving over 40 routes across the U.K., Republic of Ireland and Norway. Loganair operates a fleet of 27 aircraft, including Embraer 145 and 135, Saab 2000 and 340, Dornier 328, Twin Otter and Britten Norman Islanders.

Loganair has elected the general concurrence method of agent appointment, whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of Loganair. The airline is available on Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan and Galileo and accepts cash a valid form of payment. Credit card acceptance will be added in the near future.

For inquiries, reservations or sales information, contact the offices listed below:

Loganair Limited USA
420 Lexington Ave., Suite 358-360
New York, NY 10170
Phone: 201-484-8036
Email: loganair@airlinepros.com

LAM Now Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and Discover

LAM (TM/068) now accepts Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and Discover as forms of payment through ARC.

Flydubai Now Accepts UATP

Flydubai (FZ/141) now accepts UATP as a form of payment through ARC.

Notice of Changes to the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA)

Following ARC’s consultation with travel agency representatives, ARC’s board of directors has approved a number of updates to the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA), including the following. These updates, which will take effect February 1, 2019, reflect changes in Agency roles and contacts, as well as ARC’s product offerings, and they better align with ARC’s current operations.

Agency Roles and Contacts
To better address the need for effective and timely communications between your agency, ARC, and the Carriers, ARC is updating the types of agency contacts required, including email addresses.

Manager Role and Contact Requirements:
The term “Manager” will replace “Management Qualifier.” However, the requirements for the role have not changed, and the Manager will still be the agency employee responsible for the operation of the agency location(s). Each agent will be required to designate at least one Manager and provide and maintain up-to-date contact information for the individual(s). The Manager will be responsible for receiving correspondence from ARC and the Carriers relating to the Agent’s contractual relationship with them. This includes, for example, notices concerning changes to the ARA, financial instruments and other items related to agency status (ARA Sections, 15.6, 15.6.1, 15.6.2, 15.8.1, 15.9), Industry Agents’ Handbook Section A.4). Additionally, the operational email requirement is removed and replaced with the Manager contact (ARA Sections, 15.6, and 39.23).

Other Contacts – Roles and Requirements:
Each Agent will also be required to provide and maintain up-to-date contact information for the following roles (ARA Sections –, and 15.6, 15.6.1, 15.6.2, 15.8.1, 15.9):

  • Owner or Officer Contact
  • Operational Contact
  • Debit Memo Contact
  • Chargeback Contact

With these simplified agency contact categories, ARC and participating carriers will be able to more effectively reach your agency with important updates.

ARC Specialist Requirement
Currently, each agent accredited after 1999 is required to have a designated ARC Specialist who has passed the ARC Specialist examination. However, as of February 1, 2019, current agents will no longer be required to designate and maintain an individual ARC Specialist, and ARA section will be updated to reflect this change.

Although the examination is no longer required for current agencies, you are strongly encouraged to continue your participation in ARC’s continuing educational training courses, certification programs, webinars and other learning programs. As the travel industry evolves, ARC offers a variety of valuable, interactive training options to keep agencies informed and engaged. Information about ARC’s agency training is available here.

Elimination of Satellite Ticket Printer (STP) as a Location Classification
In 2010, because of the decrease in use of paper tickets and diminished need for remote delivery, ARC stopped accrediting new Satellite Ticket Printer (STP) locations. In the interest of further streamlining ARC’s classification system, all current STP locations will be identified as Branches in ARC’s systems. The locations may continue to operate in their usual manner under the Branch designation. As a result, references to “Satellite Ticket Printer” will be removed from the ARA and Industry Agents’ Handbook (IAH).

Elimination of Reference to Obsolete Traffic Documents
ARC is updating Section B of the IAH to eliminate references to the following obsolete traffic documents:

  • Pre-Paid Ticket Advice (PTA)
  • 4-Flight Manual Tickets

To review the ARA changes in more detail, click here.

These changes will take effect on February 1, 2019. Please note that, in accordance with Section 5 of the ARA, your continued participation with ARC after February 1, 2019, serves as your acceptance of the amendments.

If you have any questions, please contact ARC’s Customer Care Center at 855-816-8003 or ccchelp@arccorp.com.

Tip of the Week: 2019 Holiday Schedule

The 2019 Holiday Schedule presents the holidays ARC observes and their observed dates, impacts to GDS transactions, GDS/IAR void extension dates, impacts to ARC report period ending date (PED) and ARC report due dates. If a void deadline in the GDS/IAR falls on any ARC-recognized holiday, an automatic extension is granted to the next business day. If an ARC-recognized holiday falls on Monday or Tuesday, the weekly sales report deadline is extended to 11:59 p.m. Wednesday (Eastern Time).

To view ARC’s 2019 holiday schedule, click here.

Please note that if a holiday is not listed on the holiday schedule, there are no automatic extensions granted.