Denver Air Connection Joins ARC

Denver Air Connection will join ARC as a participating airline effective with sales on February 25, 2019 (PED 03/03/19).

With headquarters in Englewood, Colorado, Denver Air Connection operates domestic scheduled flights between Denver, and Sheridan and Riverton, Wyoming. Additionally, service between Denver and Telluride is scheduled to begin May 15, 2019. Denver Air Connection is operating a fleet of Dornier 328 Jets, and they provide an interline connection with United Airlines.

Denver Air Connection has elected the general concurrence method of agent appointment, whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of Denver Air Connection. In addition to cash, this airline will accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover as credit card forms of payment.

For inquiries, reservations or sales information, contact the office listed below:

Denver Air Connection
13252 E. Control Tower Rd.
Englewood, CO 80112
Phone: 866-373-8513

InselAir Suspends Operations

ARC has learned that InselAir (7I/958) suspended flight operations; therefore, ARC has suspended the processing of sales transactions and cash refunds in Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR). ARC will continue to support the processing of credit card refunds until cash reserves are exhausted. For more information, please contact InselAir at or email

ARC Specialist Training and Certification Class

Do you want the opportunity to earn your ARC Specialist Certificate?
The ARC Specialist Training and Certification class will be provided at ARC’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, March 26–28, 2019.
ARC developed the ARC Specialist Training and Certification program with the help of industry representatives from the travel agent and airline communities. This program provides education on ARC’s policies, procedures, products, and services.
In this class, you will participate in written and verbal exercises as well as group discussions. Upon completion of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion.
The following topics will be covered during the class:

  • ARC 101
  • ARC’s Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA)
  • Travel Agency Participation
  • My ARC
  • Document Type
  • Taxes, Fees and Charges
  • Payment Card Processing
  • Ticketing
  • Sales Reporting Process
  • Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR)
  • Voids and Modification Rules
  • Adjustments
  • ARC Memo Manager (AMM)
  • Best Practices for Effective Debit Memo Resolution and Prevention
  • Exchanges and Refunds
  • Tackling Refunds and Exchanges
  • Travel Agency Service Fee (TASF) Program
  • IAR Back Office System (BOS)
  • Internet Sales Summary (ISS)
  • Document Retrieval Service (DRS)
  • The Future…It’s Here

After the class, you can take the ARC Specialist Certification exam online at your convenience. You will have 30 days to take the exam upon completion of the training class. Those who pass the exam will receive their ARC Specialist Certification.

Tip of the Week: Carrier Credit Card Acceptance Chart

The Carrier Credit Card Acceptance Chart shows the acceptance of various payment cards by each ARC participating carrier. The chart also shows the restrictions some carriers have for accepting payment cards on their behalf. A blank box indicates that the carrier does not accept the payment card. The definition for each code immediately follows the chart. In some cases, the letter “E” follows the acceptance code. This “E” indicates that the carrier accepts the payment card with additional exceptions to the acceptance criteria. The additional carriers' exceptions, when applicable, are listed immediately following the definition of the applicable code credit card acceptance codes.

Agents should refer to the Carrier Credit Card Acceptance Chart to ensure instructions are followed when accepting payment on behalf of carriers.

To view the chart, please visit Section 6 of the Industry Agents' Handbook or click here.