Ukraine International Airlines Now Accepts Diners Club

Effective with sales issued on Monday, June 17, 2019 (PED 06/23/19), Ukraine International Airlines (566/PS) will begin accepting Diners Club as a form of payment through ARC.

Understand ARC’s Vision for Distribution: Evolved

The future of distribution is personal, adaptable and innovative. ARC’s vision for distribution supports the full spectrum of airline distribution models by providing flexible transaction processing workflows, billing and settlement, and outputs that enable airlines and agencies to efficiently manage their partnerships. Learn how ARC’s distribution solutions will enable the future.

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Tip of the Week: ARC Automated Refunds

An ARC Automated Refund is a refund created by Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) to offset the occurrence of an unapplied void. An unapplied void is an unusual event that occurs when IAR is unable to apply a GDS-generated void to the corresponding electronic ticket sale. This can happen because the void message was received for a sale that has already been refunded or exchanged. It can also happen when a void message was received after the void window has already passed and the sale was reported to the airline.

When an unapplied void occurs, IAR will automatically create a full ARC Automated Refund for the corresponding sales transaction. The refund is displayed in IAR and is output to the validating airline. When output to the airline, an associated error/exception code of "A" is provided indicating ARC generated the refund. This code is also displayed in ARC's Document Retrieval Service (DRS).

General Business Rules:

1. An ARC Automated Refund cannot be modified or voided unless in error.

2. The IAR Refund Details screen will display, "ARC created document" to indicate the refund was created by ARC as a result of an unapplied void.

The ESAC field on the Refund Details screen will display the ESAC contained in the original void message. If no ESAC is present, the ESAC field will display "ARCAUTOREF."