CemAir Voluntary Deletion from ARC

CemAir (5Z/225) will voluntarily delete from ARC effective Monday, August 19, 2019 (PED 08/25/19). Please be sure to submit any outstanding 5Z/225 transactions in your IAR report prior to the deletion date. For more information, please contact the airline at http://www.cemair.co.za/.

TravelConnect 2019: Evolve Your Distribution Strategy with Breakout Sessions

Through breakout sessions, TravelConnect attendees will have the unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into the latest industry trends and initiatives that are shaping the future of air travel.

You'll hear from top travel leaders who will share their fresh perspectives on a range of topics that will equip travel professionals to enhance their distribution strategies and adopt new ways to transform their businesses. This year’s breakout topics include:

  • Measuring What Matters in Travel Management – Learn how to accurately measure your travel program's performance in an evolving landscape.
  • Could Blockchain Create a More Connected Future? – Explore how ARC and Blockskye are working together to bring forth a blockchain-enabled, direct payment solution for corporate buyers and suppliers.
  • How TMCs Can Generate Revenue by Expanding Payment Options – Hear how TMCs are creating their own payment destiny by building a new revenue stream from existing business processes.
  • Fighting Fraud Through Collaboration – Uncover why card-not-present fraud is a pervasive issue for travel agencies and how corporate travel agencies can reduce fraud risk.
  • GDS Panel: Next Steps with NDC – Find out what is happening with NDC initiatives and what’s in store for airlines and agencies looking to use the new retailing standard.

To guarantee your seat at these breakout sessions and so much more, register today for $299 to unlock your full conference experience now.

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Miles and Points: The New Currency of Travel Fraud

Airline loyalty programs first appeared in the early 1980s, with American Airlines pioneering the idea of offering rewards to frequent travelers. Today, loyalty programs are widespread, with an estimated 3.3 billion memberships in the U.S. alone.


Tip of the Week: Viewing the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA)

The purpose of the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA) is to address how agents report and settle ARC Traffic Documents through the ARC-administered Settlement Plan competitively and efficiently, as well as outline the rights and obligations of the parties to this Agreement. It defines the requirements for an agent to receive and maintain their ARC accreditation. To familiarize yourself with the ARA, or to review any of the rights or obligations mentioned within, it is available in a PDF format on our website. The Table of Contents will help you navigate through the document. You can access the ARA by clicking here. You can also go to our corporate site, scroll over the Support heading and under Agency Resources, click on the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA) link.