Via Airlines Terminates from ARC

Via Airlines (VC/359) will terminate from ARC effective Monday, September 16, 2019 (PED 09/22/19). Cash refunds are no longer supported by ARC, but credit card refunds remain open for processing. Please submit any outstanding credit card refunds in your IAR report by September 16, 2019. Should you have any questions, please visit the airline’s website at

Final Deletion of Jet Airways in ARC

ARC supported the processing of Jet Airways (9W/589) refunds the past few months, but we will now move forward with final deletion effective Monday, September 23, 2019 (PED 09/29/19). Please submit any outstanding Jet Airways cash and credit card refunds, except for American Express and UATP forms of payment, in your IAR report by September 23, 2019. For more information, please visit the airline’s website at

Aigle Azur Update

ARC has learned that Aigle Azur (ZI/439) suspended operations; however, we will continue to process cash and credit card refunds until further notice.
Should you have any questions, please contact Aigle Azur at

TravelConnect 2019: Discover How Southwest Airlines Plans to Expand Its Distribution Strategy

In August, Southwest Airlines announced a partnership with ARC to expand its corporate travel distribution strategy, offering travel managers and travel management companies (TMCs) the ability to book Southwest travel in the channels of their choice.

ARC’s President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Premo and Vice President of Southwest Business Dave Harvey will take the main stage at TravelConnect to have an in-depth discussion about Southwest’s vision for corporate travel; its partnership with ARC; and the future addition of more content through the GDS channel. You won’t want to miss this special conversation at TravelConnect — reserve your seat today for $299.

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September is ARC Fraud Awareness Month

Payment fraud is a growing problem, costing travel agencies millions of dollars per year.

To help you combat fraud, ARC has teamed up with a group of domestic and international experts to bring you ARC Fraud Awareness Month. Throughout September, ARC will feature a series of webinars featuring guest presenters from law enforcement, the private sector, as well as agency and airline peers. These experts will provide insights into current fraud trends and the true cost of fraud on your business. Webinars will introduce practical tips and tools you can use to protect your agency.

The ARC Fraud Awareness Month webinar series is an online forum with live webinars — and they’re all free, making it easy for you and your teams to participate.

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Tip of the Week: Detecting Common Schemes Used by Fraudsters

Fraudsters are often creative in the schemes they devise to manipulate the customer service skills of travel agents who always want to help their clients. The information they provide makes them appear as legitimate customers with plausible reasons for ordering tickets for themselves and others with close-in departure dates. The fraudsters create a compelling story as to why an agent should help them or create a sense of urgency to get that agent to lower their guard and get the tickets issued. Once those tickets are issued, the fraudster alerts his customers that they are ready to travel.

Click here to view schemes commonly employed by fraudsters such as social engineering schemes, ownership change schemes and others. If you need assistance in identifying and preventing possible fraudulent activities, please contact ARC's Fraud Prevention team at or 1-855-358-0393.