Action Needed: Providing ARC with Contacts for Required Agency Roles

Earlier last year, a change to the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA) took effect, requiring agencies to provide ARC with contact information for the following roles:

  • Owner or Officer Contact
  • Manager Contact
  • Operational Contact
  • Debit Memo Contact
  • Chargeback Contact

Providing this contact information helps ARC ensure your agency receives the right information, delivered to the right person, at the right time. To make this process easier for you, a pop-up window appears upon sign-in to My ARC. If you have not yet provided contact information for all the required roles, we encourage you to complete this process as soon as possible so that we can better communicate necessary information to your agency.

By having this enhanced contact information for your agency, ARC will be able to more effectively manage our business relationships with you and ensure the right people are getting the right information.

If you have already provided this contact information, thank you. If you have not, we appreciate your quick attention to this matter by January 31.

For additional information or support, please contact the ARC Customer Care Center at or 855-816-8003.

ARC Specialist Training and Certification Class

Do you want the opportunity to earn your ARC Specialist Certificate?
The ARC Specialist Training and Certification class will be provided at ARC’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, March 10-12, 2020.
ARC developed the ARC Specialist Training and Certification program with the help of industry representatives from the travel agency and airline communities. This program provides education on ARC’s policies, procedures, products and services.
In this class, you will participate in written and verbal exercises as well as group discussions. Upon completion of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion.
The following topics will be covered during the class:

  • ARC 101
  • ARC’s Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA)
  • Travel Agency Participation
  • My ARC
  • Document Type
  • Taxes, Fees and Charges
  • Payment Card Processing
  • Ticketing
  • Sales Reporting Process
  • Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR)
  • Voids and Modification Rules
  • Adjustments
  • ARC Memo Manager (AMM)
  • Best Practices for Effective Debit Memo Resolution and Prevention
  • Exchanges and Refunds
  • Tackling Refunds and Exchanges
  • Travel Agency Service Fee (TASF) Program
  • IAR Back Office System (BOS)
  • Internet Sales Summary (ISS)
  • Document Retrieval Service (DRS)
  • The Future of Air Travel

After the class, you can take the ARC Specialist Certification exam online at your convenience. You will have 30 days to take the exam upon completion of the training class. Those who pass the exam will receive their ARC Specialist Certification.
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Tip of the Week: 2020 ARC Agency Fees

Information on 2020 ARC Agency Fees is now available. The file contains a list and description of ARC settlement and membership fees for 2020, as well as a projected collection schedule. The document is available here.