ARC Publishes Airline Schedule Change Recommendations

The Irregular Operations and Schedule Changes sub-group of the ARC Debit Memo Working Group recently published guidelines to increase consistency, clarity and efficiency for the travel community dealing with schedule changes. Recommendations for Managing Airlines Schedule Changes was created with input from airlines, travel agencies and GDSs to encourage industry best practices for terminology, communications, debit memo processing, customer services and management of traveler expectations.

  • Read more about the development of the recommendations on the ARC blog.

View the Recommendations for Managing Airline Schedule Changes document by clicking the link below.

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ARC’s COVID-19 Resources for Travel Agencies

ARC is providing access to several resources to help the travel community manage the impacts of COVID-19. These resources can be accessed via ARC's Blog article, "ARC's COVID-19 Resources for Airlines and Travel Agencies."

This list of resources includes:

  • Weekly air travel data updates
  • Airline refund and exchange information
  • Debit memo and chargeback guidelines
  • Airline ticket validity extension information
  • Fraud prevention resources

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Tip of the Week: How to Dispute a Memo in Memo Manager

ARC Memo Manager gives you the ability to dispute a memo at the discretion of and within the guidelines of the validating airline. The Memo Administrator and Memo User roles can dispute a memo by using the Dispute button on the top of the Memo Details page or by using the Dispute Memo link in the Disputes section of the Memo Details page. Please note that the status of a memo does not change to disputed by only entering comments in the public correspondence.

To dispute a memo:

  • Click the Dispute button. The Memo Manager – Dispute screen will appear.
  • Type the dispute dollar value in the Dispute Amount field.
  • Type any comments concerning the dispute in the Comment (public) textbox.
  • If you need to attach any supporting documentation, click the “Attach File” link.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • The Memo Manager – Save screen will display and ask Do you want to submit changes?
  • Click the Yes button to save the changes.

Once you have completed this process, the status of the memo will change to “Open-Dispute Pending.” The airline will then either accept or reject the dispute. Airlines can set the limit of the number of times a memo can be disputed. Once the limit has been reached, the memo can no longer be disputed, and the Dispute button and Dispute Memo link will no longer be available.