ARC Suspends Air Namibia

ARC has moved to suspend Air Namibia SW/186, effective immediately. Accordingly, ARC has restricted the processing of all Air Namibia transactions in IAR. For more information, please visit Air Namibia’s website.

Azerbaijan Airlines No Longer Accepts Visa or Mastercard

Effective PED 08/23/2020, Azerbaijan Airlines (J2/771) no longer accepts Visa or Mastercard as forms of payment with ARC. Agents issuing refunds for Azerbaijan Airlines are encouraged to have customers to contact their card issuer for resolution, as ARC will not be outputting the refunds to the processor.

Tip of the Week: Use IAR to Research a Document's Use in a Refund or Exchange

If an agent receives the error message, “Coupon Number Not Available,” or needs to research whether a document was used in a refund or an exchange, the LO-Find Old/Used Document function within IAR enables users to search up to 13 months of the agency’s IAR history for this information.

This function is located within the View Only tab in IAR. To access the View Only tab:

From the IAR home screen,

  1. Select ARC # to access a sales report.
    • The default sales report screen will appear, set to the List tab.
  2. Select the View Only tab.
  3. Select the radio button next to LO-Find Old/Used Document.
  4. Type a document number into the 10-Character Document # textbox.
  5. Select Go.
  6. The list appears with the old or used document listed.
    • The column headings of the list will change to show the document use information, including which PED the document was used in.
    • If it was used in an exchange, the new document number will also be included.