China Southern Airlines No Longer Accepts UATP

China Southern Airlines (784/CZ) will no longer accept UATP as a form or payment beginning PED 05/02/2021. The China Southern UATP, 1781, will no longer be a valid form or payment as well. Agents should work directly with China Southern Airlines for refunds of UATP transactions,

FRAUD ALERT: Phishing Emails Return

ARC has recently been alerted that a phishing email campaign by fraudsters has returned. Fraudsters are manipulating the Sabre name and logo to deceive travel agents into unknowingly divulging their GDS login credentials. This phishing email urges the recipient to click on a link in the email in order to “confirm your Sign-in” or be locked out of your account. Do not fall for urgent action requests in emails.

Ensure that all employees become aware of this fraud scheme.

Example of a recent phishing email:

Look out for:

  • Emails with a sense of urgency to log in so that your account is not locked.

  • Misspelled words. This email contains two spelling errors: “infornation” and “trainning.”

  • Grammatical errors or awkward use of language. This phishing email contains three grammatical errors: “sabre,” “all global countries,” and “Sabreis.

What to do:

  1. Hover your mouse over the link to reveal the true web address controlled by the fraudster.

  1. If an employee believes they may have unknowingly clicked on such an embedded link, then ensure the agent changes their password immediately through the usual program/bookmark.

  1. Alert your GDS provider if you believe an agent’s log-in credentials have been compromised.

  1. Ensure password changes or confirmations occur through the usual program/bookmark and not through a link embedded in an email.

  1. Use strong passwords that are changed at least every 90 days.

  1. Monitor ticketing activity so that unexpected ticketing activity (e.g.,late night ticketing, immediate departures, foreign itineraries, etc.) can be identified early.

  1. In some instances, a GDS may offer options to turn off ticketing overnight for agencies.

  1. Forward suspected phishing emails to ARC at

Tip of the Week: Reversing an Authorized and Submitted IAR Sales Report

Accuracy is a key component of the Sales Report. If you discover that changes must be made to a transaction(s) in a Sales Report that has already been submitted, you may still do so with the Authorize Reverse command. The Authorize Reverse feature allows you to electronically retrieve the Sales Report from ARC. 

You may reverse the Authorized/Submitted status of a sales report if the reporting deadline has not passed. Reversing the authorized status of a report restores your ability to add, modify or delete transaction information contained in the report. You may reverse a single Sales Report that has already been submitted to ARC any time prior to the Tuesday 11:59 p.m. ET deadline. However, once you reverse the authorized status of a report, you are still responsible for authorizing the report again before Tuesday 11:59 p.m. ET. To reverse the authorization of a Sales Report:

To reverse the authorization of a Sales Report:

  1. On the IAR homepage, click the box associated with the ARC# to Reverse Authorized/Submitted.

  1. Click the R box located under the Rev A/S heading.

  1. The Reverse Authorize Status screen will display. Type your password in the Enter Password textbox.

  1. Type your password in the Enter Password textbox.

  1. Click SUBMIT to submit the reverse authorize/submit request.

  1. Click CANCEL to cancel the reverse authorize/submit of the Sales Report and return to the Sales Report screen.