As Travel Rebounds, ARC Pay Drives Efficiency

With states and countries dropping restrictions and people booking air travel, operational efficiency for travel agencies is more important than ever. Agencies that are smaller than they were at the start of 2020 need to get the most out of available resources.

See how ARC Pay helps agencies be more efficient and provides a convenient and flexible way to process payments here.

Survey: Help Ensure ARC Pay Meets Your Needs

To ensure ARC Pay continues to evolve and meet your agency’s needs for efficient and effective payment processing, please share your thoughts in ARC’s new survey by September 6, 2021.

Click here to access the survey.

Thank you for your participation in the survey. Your voice is important.

Tip of the Week: Why Was My My ARC Account Deleted?

Any My ARC account with access to ARC tools containing sensitive data (including Accreditation, Agent's Choice, Document Ordering System, Document Retrieval Service, IAR, and Memo Manager) is automatically deleted after 150 days of no activity for your data protection.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards require you access your account and change your password every 90 days when you have access to sensitive data. A My ARC account with access to sensitive data and with no login attempts will go through the following statuses before it is automatically deleted (a reminder email is sent to you before each status change):

  • 90 Days (Inactive status) – Access is locked.
  • 120 Days (Suspended status) – Access is locked and suspended.
  • 150 Days (Deleted status) – The account is automatically deleted.

If you don’t have access to any ARC tools that contain sensitive data, your My ARC password will never expire, and your account will never be automatically deleted. However, it is strongly recommended that all My ARC users log in at least once a month to maintain an active account status.

If you are unable to access your My ARC account for any reason, you may attempt to reset your password by clicking the Reset a Forgotten Password link found on My ARC.

If your account has been suspended or deleted, please contact your administrator to restore access. If you do not know who the administrator is, please click on the Find Your Administrator link found on My ARC.