Viva Aerobus Joins ARC

Viva Aerobus (VB/333) will join ARC as a participating airline effective August 1, 2022 (PED 08/07/22).

Viva Aerobus is headquartered in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and flies throughout Mexico and to select destinations in the United States and Colombia.

Viva Aerobus has elected the general concurrence method of agent appointment, whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of the airline. Viva Aerobus is available on Sabre and currently accepts cash, Visa and Mastercard as valid forms of payment.

For inquiries, reservations or sales information, please visit their website or contact the airline via email at

Seaborne Airlines Voluntarily Deletes From ARC

Seaborne Airlines (BB/376) will voluntarily delete from ARC effective August 1, 2022 (PED 08/07/22). Please submit any outstanding refunds prior to August 8, 2022.

For questions or concerns regarding ticketing, please visit the Seaborne Airlines website.

Tip of the Week: Correcting IAR Transaction Errors

Transaction errors and discrepancies in Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) should be corrected daily to ensure the sales report is authorized and submitted for timely processing.

IAR displays error messages within a transaction when a condition occurs that cannot be processed. In addition, these messages help users determine which entry contains the error and available next steps.

If the error is not corrected within the sales period in which the sale is issued, the transaction automatically rolls over to the following week's sales report. These transactions will be updated in the IAR sales report with the “OE” code, signifying the transaction is out of period and in error.

For more information on IAR, visit Section 5 of the Industry Agents' Handbook.