Reminder: ARC Thanksgiving Holiday Closures

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, ARC’s offices will be closed on November 24-25, 2022. Agencies and CTDs will not have an extra day to prepare the sales report for the PED 11/27/22. Your weekly sales report must be authorized by 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

The GDS/IAR void date for transactions issued on November 23- 27, 2022, will be Monday, November 28, 2022.

Starlux Airlines Accepting AmEx

Effective with sales issued on Monday, November 21, 2022 (PED 11/27/22), Starlux Airlines (189/JX) will begin accepting American Express as a form of payment through ARC.

2023 Annual Travel Agency Location Fee Drafts

In order to operate our settlement platform, ARC maintains a 90/10 fee structure in which participating airlines contribute 90% of core costs and participating travel agencies contribute 10%. Travel agency contributions come from annual fees associated with each ARC-accredited agency location (i.e., home office location, branch) and quarterly transaction fees. The changes to travel agency fees for 2023 are outlined below. These changes have been approved by the ARC Joint Advisory Board-Agent Reporting Agreement (JAB-ARA) and by the ARC Board of Directors. All other fees, such as the return draft and late reporting fee, will remain the same in 2023.

Please visit the ARC website for a complete listing of all 2023 agency fees and fee schedules.

2023 Annual Travel Agency Location Fee (AAF)

A 2023 annual travel agency location fee of $264 will be collected for each of your travel agency’s locations via electronic draft from your designated bank account on January 19, 2023. The fee may appear on your bank statement as “ARC Core Participation Fee,” though the exact wording will vary by bank. Please note: If you have not done so already, every agency must contact your bank representative and add ARC’s Company ID 9521367276. This ensures that ARC can successfully draft your 2023 annual fee. There is a $25 nonrefundable fee for all returned drafts.

There will be a separate draft for each active agency location on record as of January 2, 2023. For consolidated drafting agencies, only one draft will be assessed for all ARC-accredited locations. If your agency is going through a bank change or will be opting to voluntarily delete, please contact ARC’s Customer Care Center. You will need to finalize those details by December 16, 2022.

2023 Quarterly Transaction Fees

The 2023 quarterly transaction fees will only be applied to travel agencies that process 1,000 or more transactions in a particular quarter. 

Transactions Per Quarter

Price per Transaction (US$)

Tier 1

1,000 - 2,224,999            


Tier 2

2,225,500 - 5,999,999    


Tier 3

6,000,000 or more


Below is the projected collection schedule for the quarterly drafts:

Q4 (2022): January 19, 2023
Q1:April 20, 2023
Q2: July 20, 2023
Q3: October 19, 2023
Q4: January 18, 2024

ARC will notify travel agencies before each quarterly draft. For consolidated drafting agencies, only one draft will be assessed for all ARC-accredited locations. Please note: A $25 nonrefundable fee is assessed for all returned drafts.

If you have any questions, please contact ARC’s Customer Care Center at 855-816-8003 or

Thank you for partnering with ARC.

Tip of the Week: Entering a Penalty in IAR

If you forgot to include a penalty or change fee when you issued an exchange or refund in your GDS, manually enter the penalty amount in the “Admin/Penalty” field in IAR. This field appears on both the Exchange Support and Refund Details screens.

Any change fee or penalty applicable in a GDS-issued exchange or refund is sent to ARC with a tax code of "CP." IAR recognizes this CP code as a Cancellation Penalty/Reissue Fee and automatically moves the associated amount to the Admin/Penalty field.

Although CP is a valid code when received from a GDS, IAR will not allow the manual entry of CP as a tax code. Any attempt to manually enter CP as a tax in IAR will result in an error: "ERROR – Invalid Tax Code." The taxes that appear or are entered in the Exchange Support and Refund Details screens should only include the unused values from the original sale.

Please use only the Admin/Penalty field in IAR when you need to manually enter a penalty that was not included at the time of exchange or refund in your GDS.