Aeromar Ceases Operations

Effective February 15, 2023, Aeromar (VW/942) suspended all flight operations. ARC will continue to process cash and credit card refunds in IAR until further notice. For more information, please visit Aeromar’s website at

Tip of the Week: Reconciling the IAR Sales Report

ARC strongly recommends that IAR sales reports are reconciled daily. Your sales report should have a final reconciliation performed before sales report authorization/submission. The following steps will facilitate this process:

  • Verify that all documents and voids are correctly listed in the IAR sales report.

  • Correct errors.

  • Verify that transactions were legitimately issued by your agency (to guard against unauthorized ticketing).

  • Verify commission amounts.

  • Verify that all refund and exchange transactions are accurate and that their values include any penalty information (if applicable)

  • Verify cash and credit totals.

  • Verify the net remit amount.