COVID-19 and Trends in Payments

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COVID-19 and Trends in Payments

This year has been one of the most challenging years the travel industry has ever experienced. In this webinar, you will hear about the impact of COVID-19 on payments, payment trends, chargebacks, and other industry initiatives from Jennifer Watkins, ARC’s director of payments, and Kevin Haag, ARC’s manager payment acceptance and processing. This presentation covers discussions from the virtual ARC Payments Forum this past June.

The ARC Payments Forum includes participants across the travel and payments industry, including travel agents, airlines, payment card brands, GDSs, and more. The annual event serves to:

  • Support payment acceptance and processing in a way that provides the best customer experience.
  • Improve risk management and therefore prevent loss.
  • Ensure the lowest-cost processing of payments.

Join us to hear about payment trends that impact travel agencies during the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond.