Protecting Agents: Security Agreement Insights & Updates Webinar

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Protecting Agents: Security Agreement Insights & Updates Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn about how to deter fraudsters and how to limit your financial liabilities.

As fraud threats against agencies change, ARC aims to provide clear guidance on how agents can protect themselves against phishing schemes, unauthorized ticketing and other cybersecurity threats.

ARC leaders Jeannine Hankinson, Cornelius Hattingh and Rich Licato will cover how reasonable care is defined by ARC with ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. They will review the steps required of agents to protect your systems.

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Webinar Details:

Topics: Fraud detection and prevention, reasonable care, security guidelines and additional fraud-related topics.

ARC Presenters:

  • Jeannine Hankinson, Managing Director, Operations and CX

  • Cornelius Hattingh, Director of Revenue Integrity

  • Rich Licato, VP of Enterprise Risk and CISO

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