Past, Present & Future Attempts to Capture the Travel Leakage Monster

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Past, Present & Future Attempts to Capture the Travel Leakage Monster

Despite decades of strict policies from corporate travel managers discouraging direct bookings, a steady stream of invisible and unmanaged or direct bookings remains.

Fortunately, innovative and modern technologies are paving a new path forward – one that streamlines data gathering and provides a single system of-record for data from all booking sources, also known as omnichannel data.

Join our panel of experts as they discuss what omnichannel data is, traditional management methods, and the revolutionary techniques for fully managing bookings from all possible sources that result in greater transparency, traveler productivity, more thorough duty-of-care coverage for all travelers, additional savings opportunities, and more seamless downstream integrations with expense, TMC and other travel-related services.

This panel, moderated by ARC’s Shelly Younger, Director, Airline Retailing Strategy & Head of NDC, features Andres Fabris, Founder & CEO Traxo, Scott Gillespie a travel industry advisor, and ARC’s Sarah Boyd, Sr. Manager Airline Retailing.

What you can expect to take away from this session:

  • Identify and discuss the pros and cons of the various historical attempts to detect and capture leakage and gather bookings from all sources, including TMCs, OTAs, and suppliers.
  • Examine and quantify the consequences of leakage on travel programs, including poor duty of care, reduced compliance, and missed savings opportunities for all stakeholders in the travel management process.
  • Analyze the proven benefits of omnichannel data management on contemporary “hybrid” travel programs.
  • Identify a recommended path forward for the industry.