Actuary: Credit Risk Monitoring for a Sustainable Payment Ecosystem

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Actuary: Credit Risk Monitoring for a Sustainable Payment Ecosystem

As part of their credit risk-related contract terms, airlines and OTAs need to regularly report their air traffic liability (ATL) numbers to their acquirers, including information on open bookings, flown bookings, vouchers, refunds and chargebacks. Airlines and OTAs must also proactively monitor their net exposure for all their acquirers to prepare for discussions on settlement terms and volume caps.

In this webinar, we will provide information on:

  • Changes in the relationship between acquiring banks and airlines/OTAs

  • The view of Mastercard in relation to the changing acquiring ecosystem

  • Actuary, a new tool that helps airlines and OTAs to gain complete credit risk exposure insights, facilitating airlines to discuss settlement terms and volume caps with their acquiring banks

The Actuary platform collects transaction and voucher data directly from the airlines/OTAs and acquirers. Actuary then validates, reconciles and consolidates the data, followed by reporting and visualization of risk exposure information and insights. Transaction-level statuses are made available for streamlining operational processes like customized remittances, dispute handling and fraud management.

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