ARC’s fifth annual Fraud Awareness Month focused on revenue integrity topics important to the air travel industry. Industry experts joined ARC’s Director of Revenue Integrity, Cornelius Hattingh, and ARC’s Director of Fraud Investigations, Doug Nass to discuss fraud-related insights and provide attendees with practical tips and tools to help protect their businesses.

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Below you will find recaps and quick links to this year’s webinar series.

Addressing Fraud in a Post-Pandemic Era

Panelists from Worldpay, Perseuss and ARC discussed the fraud and chargeback trends experienced during the pandemic, its impact on the airline industry and travel agent community and new tools that the professional community has adopted to counter chargeback risks and Accreditation & Database Management.

Credit Card Fraud Prevention – ARC Risk Check Powered by Perseuss

Learn about fraud advancements and how ARC Risk Check, powered by Perseuss, reduces risks using the combined intelligence of global travel data and digital footprints left by fraudsters and reports shared by a network of travel agents. This leading technology gives small and medium-sized agencies the same access to fraud monitoring tools as large agencies. Discover how travel agents can gain the knowledge needed to reject fraudsters that would lead to lost time and revenue.

Credit Risk Monitoring - Supporting a Sustainable Payment Ecosystem

Panelists from Up in the Air, Mastercard and ARC discuss rethinking travel risk. They cover the scheme and acquirer perspective on what happened during the pandemic, what broke, and how the entire community can fix it to restore the much-needed balance in the travel payments ecosystem.

Eliminate Vulnerability in Your Omnichannel Payment Strategy with AI Machine Learning 2022

With new payment types come new fraud challenges. This webinar covers the industry's current state, the fraud issues airlines face, and how they protect themselves and their customers' accounts without increasing friction.

Fraud Risk Insights 2022

The ARC revenue integrity team kick off Fraud Awareness Month by discussing current fraud trends and issues affecting the airlines’ and agents’ reputations. They also tackle concerns about unauthorized ticketing via phishing emails, who is responsible and what best practices to apply to protect your agency.

Thank you to the attendees and speakers who participated in the fifth annual ARC Fraud Awareness Month.  For more information, visit the support section of the ARC website to view our  fraud prevention resources and on-demand webinars. Contact our revenue integrity team to report fraud by calling 855-358-0393 or emailing