The ARC Pay service is more versatile than you might expect. ARC Pay is a robust payment solution that enables travel agencies to accept all major credit cards (including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB and UATP) to manage large or complex transactions for any travel-related goods or services.

Here are a few ways you can get the most out of ARC Pay:

  1. Manage High-Dollar Transactions. While many of transactions processed through ARC Pay come from payments of less than $20, you can leverage it for up to $10,000 of travel-related goods and services — making it ideal for groups, meetings or premium purchases.
  2. Bundle a Vacation Package. ARC Pay isn't limited to air travel and agency service fees; it can be used for any travel-related goods or services. You can use it to manage a client's entire trip, including hotel, cruise, car rental, tours or other travel experiences. ARC Pay can help you simplify the billing process and improve the customer experience.
  3. Manage Agency Transactions in One Place. By processing transactions through ARC Pay, payments are efficiently consolidated in your weekly ARC report every Friday, which enables you to manage agency transactions in one central location.

Ready to get started with ARC Pay? If you're an ARC-accredited agent using a GDS, you are preauthorized to use ARC Pay directly through your existing GDS workflow. No additional registration or sign-up is required. GDS-specific instructions are available from each of their respective websites and/or customer support centers. If you're a Verified Travel Consultant (VTC), simply log in to My ARC and select "ARC Pay Hub" from your menu of tools.

To learn more about ARC Pay, visit the webpage, or contact the payments team directly at