ARC’s mission is to help the global travel community connect, grow and thrive. We know you have options to process the credit card payments you receive, and we built ARC Pay to help agencies do just that. Here are five things that every agency should know when evaluating payments options available in the marketplace.

  1. Only ARC Pay was built by and for travel professionals. ARC uniquely understands the nuances of the travel industry and consolidates credit card payments with air ticketing in your ARC settlement environment. Other processors may consider travel transactions risky and charge agencies high rates. ARC Pay has uniquely supported the travel community through exciting and challenging times, maintaining fixed rates and remaining a committed, reliable resource since 1995. As an ARC-accredited agency or Verified Travel Consultant (VTC), you’re already ARC Pay enabled simply complete the ARC Pay agreement and start processing!

  1. ARC Pay accepts all the travel-related payments you need to process not just service fees. Air travel, group charges, hotel transfers, baggage fees, car rentals and service fees are all consolidated with air ticketing in the ARC settlement environment you use today.

  1. ARC Pay’s competitive, all-in rates have held steady for 26 years.

With ARC Pay, there are no:

  • other payment platforms to use/manage

  • financial guarantees or additional collateral required

  • costs to void transactions

  • holds on funds for extended periods

  • unreasonably high reserve demands

  1. No surprises. With ARC Pay, a $15/month subscription only applies when you use ARC Pay and covers all fees and assessments, including band fees, network access fees and statement fees. You know how much you’re going to pay every month. Count on it.

  1. You’re already working in a GDS or My ARC. There’s nothing new to learn. Save time and reduce errors. If you’re working in a GDS, ARC Pay automatically pulls in reservation data no re-entering passenger or credit card information. Only ARC Pay consolidates transactions with air ticketing in the ARC settlement environment you use today. You only have to manage one payment platform. ARC Pay transactions feed directly into your back-office systems and streamlines reconciliation and reporting.