7 Ways to Make an Impact on Your Business with Airline BI

ARC’s Airline BI tool provides airlines with an efficient way to view detailed travel agency ticketing data to quickly measure sales performance, understand market share and identify market potential.

With intuitive dashboards and visualizations, Airline BI offers increased visibility into sales at the O&D level – including that of competitors’ – and an easy way to monitor agency activity to create impactful and consistent reporting.

Here are just a few ways Airline BI can impact your business:

  1. Reduce efforts spent on compiling and analyzing data with a comprehensive view of your airline’s indirect ticketing performance. Quickly provide your executives with the data they need to confirm business goals are being met.
  2. Analyze sales performance to maximize goals. Create your own customized sales territories by region, state and more, for quick internal performance reporting. See all ticketing data out to the end of the GDS schedule.
  3. See how you stack up against your competitors. Get a better picture of your airline’s market share and directly compare it to that of your competitors’ on the O&D level. Spot opportunities to gain the competitive advantage on routes with agency partners.
  4. Benchmark against customized peer groups to see how you’re performing compared to the market at all times.
  5. Easily spot booking trends within your airline, including cabin classes, city pairs and more, and adjust promotional offers accordingly.
  6. Create custom views of the reports you want to run, save and easily run over and over again. And you can share this data across the organization for consistent analysis companywide.
  7. Better manage incentive contracts with agency partners by easily monitoring sales with agency-level data. Communicate more effectively with agency accounts on performance, contract expectations and new areas for partnership growth using data you can trust.​

To maximize Airline BI’s value to your business, ARC has recently implemented several new features. These enhancements include calculations of market share data by O&D count per agency, new options for directionality views, and easily accessible user guides to ensure seamless navigation.

Are you making the most of your airline’s agency sales data? Learn more about the insights you can gain by visiting the Airline BI webpage, or schedule a one-on-one demo.