8 Ways to Make an Impact on Your Business with Agency BI

ARC’s Agency BI tool is designed to help your travel agency leverage data to optimize performance.

With intuitive dashboards and visualizations, Agency BI makes it easy to analyze up to two years of historical data and up to three months of forward-looking data from your agency. You can see sales trends, where your agency is experiencing the most growth, and uncover opportunities for improvement. Here are just a few ways you can impact your business by analyzing data with Agency BI:

  1. Reduce efforts spent on compiling and analyzing data with pre-set dashboards providing an aggregated view of your ticketing activity.
  2. Get a high-level view of your organization’s performance to confirm business goals are being met.
  3. Build stronger relationships with airline partners by better preparing for airline reviews with data demonstrating your agency’s value and establishing new relationships using data to pinpoint opportunities.
  4. Analyze and refine your business strategies by drilling down into your data and filtering for key business metrics and levels of detail.
  5. Increase visibility into sales trends over time, by location or in aggregate, to better understand and manage performance at every level of your organization.
  6. Benchmark your performance against your organization’s peer group.
  7. Note booking trends within cabin classes, city pairs and regions to adjust offerings.
  8. Better target marketing promotions by aligning strategies with market trends, and ensure objectives are being met by reviewing performance pre and post campaigns.

Are you making the most of your agency’s sales data? Learn more about the insights you can gain by visiting the Agency BI webpage, or schedule a one-on-one demo.