As part of ARC’s technology transformation, managing your travel agency’s ARC accreditation will soon be easier and more efficient. On November 18, 2020, agency change requests and account maintenance will be made through ARC’s new accreditation tool being developed in conjunction with the travel agency community. Requests that previously required phone calls or emailing forms will now be self-service.

With the new accreditation tool, agencies will now be able to update an address, add staff, designate a new home office location (HOL) or add a branch without the need to contact ARC. Agencies who participated in the tool’s pilot program liked having access to consolidated information, navigating the intuitive user interface and utilizing the streamlined workflows. These agencies also provided valuable feedback to further enhance the tool such as an autocomplete feature for ARC numbers.

The new accreditation tool is easily accessible from any device, including tablets and mobile phones, at any time, enabling agencies to manage their accreditation with ARC even outside normal business hours.

All ARC-accredited travel agencies, Verified Travel Consultants (VTC) and Corporate Travel Departments (CTD) now have a single platform to view, manage and edit information such as:

  • Agency name
  • Address
  • Ownership
  • Personnel
  • Contact information
  • Branch office data
  • Bank information

Changes that require additional documentation have also been streamlined including:

  • Designating a new home office location (HOL)
  • Adding or removing branches

Benefits of the New ARC Accreditation Tool

  • Managing accreditation changes is now largely self-service where previously, submitting changes and forms meant contacting ARC’s customer care center (CCC) or the ARC accreditation team.
  • Important information agencies need to access has been centralized in one location—eliminating the need to go to multiple sources.
  • Full agency profiles—including HOL and branch details—are now readily accessible to authorized individuals and switching between profiles is easy.
  • Changes can be made at any time through any device, and most changes are immediately processed. For changes requiring additional support, agencies can easily communicate with an ARC accreditation specialist directly within the tool.
  • Agencies can track the status of requests using a simple color-coded system backed by additional details including comments and supporting documentation.

Technical Information

The new ARC accreditation tool will be accessible via My ARC on November 18, 2020. It works with Windows and macOS operating systems, as well as tablets and mobile devices running iOS and Android, via Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who can access the ARC accreditation tool?

All active, accredited travel agencies have access to the ARC accreditation tool where they can make changes to their company’s profile and other business information.

  • How do I access the ARC accreditation tool?

To access the ARC accreditation tool, log on to My ARC. On the left side of the screen, under Your Account and Your Tools, click Accreditation.

  • Will my login information change?

As the ARC accreditation tool is built leveraging a new technology platform, current Accreditation Web Portal users will need to reset their login and password the first time they access the system. Those credentials will then be used as the new My ARC and accreditation login. My agency uses different ARC accreditation-related forms throughout the year.

  • How can I find out which forms are available on the ARC accreditation platform?

A list of the forms available on the ARC accreditation platform will be found in the Forms Catalog on the ARC website.

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