It’s an exciting time for the travel industry. Across the air travel ecosystem, many organizations are identifying opportunities to enhance the customer experience. Emerging technology is at the heart of many of these opportunities — and one of the most promising is blockchain.

We are proud to announce ARC’s investment in Blockskye, an innovative blockchain solution developer that specializes in the travel industry. After several months exploring the capabilities of blockchain in a proof of concept with Blockskye, United Airlines and one of the airline’s largest corporate accounts, we at ARC continue to believe blockchain could transform the way our industry works together.

Blockchain has the potential to increase efficiency, transparency and security for transactions involving multiple parties. In an environment like air travel, where airlines, travel agencies, travel management companies, corporate buyers and multiple technology providers work together, a blockchain-enabled solution could streamline processes and enhance communications in an unprecedented way. While obstacles still remain in terms of speed and energy requirements, especially as participants in the chain begin to scale, we will continue to explore both near-term and long-term applications of this technology to travel.

At ARC, we recognize that evolution doesn’t happen in just one silo of the travel ecosystem. It requires strong partnerships, communication and collaboration. Blockskye has been an invaluable partner to ARC as we explore the viability of blockchain to enhance airline distribution.

We are thrilled to continue moving forward in our partnership to develop innovative solutions for the global air travel community. If you’d like to read more about ARC’s evolving technology and distribution solutions, visit ARC's blog.