In the first episode of ARC's NDC Webinar Partner Series, ARC’s Paige Blunt and Cassandra Kilcarr teamed up with Joachim Raffin from Amadeus to showcase how Amadeus' Travel Platform streamlines NDC integrations for travel agents.

Watch the full video below or use the links to skip ahead to specific parts of their discussion.

3:53 See an overview of the Amadeus Travel Platform.

5:04 Review American Airlines’ memo to travel agents about NDC, followed by a summary defining a departure airport and timing in NDC.

9:50 Learn the five elements of the Amadeus NDC [X] difference, providing travel agents with a better program.

13:23 Joachim provides a comprehensive review of Amadeus' platform development timeline from 2019 to the present. Explore the company's objectives in embracing NDC, scaling its implementation and see examples of the complete end-to-end flow in production.

17:15 Review a map showcasing airlines, agencies and market coverage and learn about the program’s NDC content coverage and roadmap.

The live demonstration of the platform is not available in this recording. Please contact Amadeus for more information.

22:19 Hear the panel answers audience questions, starting with voiding IAR transactions. See a tour of the Amadeus Service Hub website and learn how to create a search.

58:34 Joachim discusses how Amadeus plans to accelerate NDC content, onboarding, new capabilities and continuously improve interfaces.

1:03:52 Learn about Amadeus’ vision for their NDC platform and what features travel agents can expect in the coming years.

1:08:00 View ARC’s Direct Connect webpage to see our capability grid detailing each airline’s specific Direct Connect implementation.

1:09:13 Learn how to add a service fee using ARC Pay during the NDC shopping process.

In the second episode of ARC’s NDC Partner Series, learn how you can complete NDC exchanges, refunds and voids within the Amadeus Travel Platform and how they look in IAR. You’ll also gain knowledge to identify these transactions and understand what modifications are allowed. 

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