In January, ARC announced its successful completion of a blockchain proof of concept in partnership with United Airlines and Blockskye. The proof of concept aimed to determine the viability of using blockchain technology, with the ARC settlement system, to facilitate the reporting and settlement of United Airlines tickets.

This proof of concept explores just one facet of blockchain’s capabilities in air travel. At TravelConnect 2018, ARC’s Managing Director of Product Architecture, Paul Barber, hosted a panel alongside Blockskye’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Brook Armstrong, and BlockApps’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Kieren James-Lubin. Together, the group discussed blockchain and answered the following questions:

  • What is blockchain?
  • How will blockchain impact air travel?
  • How will blockchain impact travel agencies?
  • What is ARC’s role with blockchain innovation?

The group explored blockchain’s potential to innovate single-record-of-truth, multi-party data, security and identity profiles — which could revolutionize data management for the global air travel community, especially with initiatives like ONE Order on the horizon. The panel also discussed how blockchain can create opportunities for air travel transaction reporting, payments and commissions for travel agencies.

To learn more about blockchain and its potential applications to air travel, click the button below to download the presentation.