ARC is pleased to announce the activation of United Airlines’ New Distribution Capability (NDC) on the ARC settlement platform. Through this partnership, ARC will provide United with payment flexibility for NDC transactions, allowing for acceptance of cash and card payments while providing a consistent settlement experience for travel agencies.

“ARC has partnered closely with United on several of our omnichannel retailing initiatives, including NDC. This implementation provides us with a strong foundation for managing NDC transactions with travel agencies and travel management companies,” said Tye Radcliffe, director of distribution at United Airlines. “By leveraging NDC, United is equipped to distribute richer content to travelers through our travel agency partners, with more flexible payment and settlement options.”

ARC supports the full spectrum of airline distribution models in the travel agency channel. By implementing NDC with ARC, airlines have greater flexibility in managing partnerships with the travel agency community. NDC enables airlines to deliver more customized content and products to travel agencies and their customers, creating user experiences and generating offers that are more aligned with information on the airline’s website.

“We’re excited to partner with United Airlines as they enhance their retailing solutions,” said Shelly Younger, director of airline retailing strategy and head of NDC at ARC. “United seeks to create consistent experiences for its customers in every sales channel, and ARC is proud to work alongside them as they expand their offerings for the travel agency community.”

ARC anticipates additional airlines to begin NDC activation in the first quarter of 2021. To learn more about ARC’s work to implement NDC for airlines and travel agencies, visit ARC’s New Distribution Capability webpage.