ARC is pleased to announce that a new set of enhancements to its business intelligence (BI) suite of products is now live.

ARC's BI product suite includes three powerful data solutions: Airline BI, Agency BI and Corporate BI. Each product allows an organization to analyze its air ticketing trends, benchmark against peers, strengthen industry relationships and improve performance. With data updated weekly, organizations receive timely updates on ticketing activity.

The BI suite delivers comprehensive data to three distinct audiences. Airlines use Airline BI to manage their agency distribution channel, allowing them to communicate more effectively with agency accounts on performance, contract expectations and new areas for partnership growth. Agencies leverage Agency BI's powerful analytics to enhance performance measurement, resulting in maximized goals and better preparation for airline reviews. Corporate travel managers rely on Corporate BI to deliver a comprehensive view of their program's ticketing activity, helping them to make informed program decisions and provide actionable intelligence to executives.

With the latest set of product updates, the BI suite has now become even stronger. Newly implemented features include:

  • Enhanced calculations. New destination logic methodology applied to Corporate and Agency BI tools to enhance the industry standard stop-over logic, with the goal of showing true fares.
  • New data filters. Customers can now access data by marketing or operating carrier.
  • Enhanced peer benchmarking insights. The tools now provide users with better comparisons of their own performance against that of their peers. The new comparison is against the industry peer group specifically, and is available on multiple tabs within the product.
  • Forward-looking data. Customers can now view data for tickets purchased for future dates — up to 90 days for Agency BI. Customize search parameters using the date range filters and selecting up to three months of forward-looking data.
  • New class-of-service details. Additional class of service levels have been added and now include five cabin class mappings—first, business, premium economy, discount economy and other.
  • Updated search ranges. The advance purchase range within the tool has been expanded to include a "greater than 21 days" option for all products.

To learn more about how ARC's business intelligence offerings can enhance your organization, visit ARC's product pages, or request a demo.