As the global travel community navigates the challenges surrounding COVID-19, ARC aims to help its customers and the industry better understand the impacts of this pandemic and monitor air travel’s recovery.

ARC is pleased to announce that it has contributed data to Boston Consulting Group's Travel Recovery Insights Portal (TRIP), a new industry dashboard that sheds light on travel search and ticketing trends in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This platform is being offered as a complimentary resource for the next several weeks, or until the nature of industry recovery is well understood.

The platform combines high-level, aggregated ARC ticketing data with extensive GDS search data from 3Victors and consumer sentiment analysis conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), as well as publicly available data from Johns Hopkins University, Oxford University and other sources related to COVID-19.

Access TRIP

“We are excited to contribute data to BCG’s Travel Recovery Insights Portal,” said Doug Mangold, ARC’s vice president of product. “Data is a powerful tool in understanding the dynamics of our industry, and we are proud to contribute to BCG’s platform, which will help our community identify and monitor key indicators of recovery.”

The portal features several versatile dashboard views, with numerous filters designed to guide the user through various elements of the travel journey.

  • Ability to Travel examines virus evolution and government travel restrictions.
  • Intent incorporates economic and consumer sentiment.
  • Search reflects air travel search data, powered by 3Victors, as well as web traffic from the BCG Demand Sentinel Dashboard.
  • Purchase reflects year-over-year global travel transaction trends from ARC, as well as airline capacity data from OAG schedules.

The video below, part of ARC’s TravelConnect Virtual Series, features TRIP in action, with commentary from data experts at BCG, 3Victors and ARC.

“We look forward to collaborating with BCG and 3Victors to expand the capabilities of the tool in the coming weeks,” Mangold added. “Even in the midst of this pandemic, the team at ARC is still focused on innovating and collaborating to drive value for the travel community.”

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