ARC recently released a set of enhancements to its business intelligence solution for travel agencies, Agency BI. The addition of bidirectional filtering, along with a few other enhancements, is the fulfillment of requests from ARC’s travel agency customers. This update enables users to more quickly analyze the metrics that matter most, especially when preparing for meetings with airline partners.

Prior to this update, agency analytics professionals, business planners and managers of airline relationships relied on directional-only origin and destination (O&D) information (e.g., JFK-LHR or LHR-JFK). Now, O&D data can be combined, providing totals for both directions in a single metric. This provides a more complete picture of the agency’s performance with airline partners in the markets they serve.

“ARC is constantly prioritizing product enhancements based on customer needs,” said Arun Gupta, managing director of data and payment products at ARC. “When our travel agency customers told us that they needed a bidirectional filtering capability, we focused a release on that specific capability for them. We want to put the best products in the hands of our customers to enable them to run their businesses better.”

To help support this new feature, ARC added a new chart to the Agency BI tool: “O&D Airport Pairs.” When the bidirectional filter is selected, the results for the O&D pair will appear in a single bar on the chart (in alphabetical order by airport), with the metric totals combined — regardless of the O&D origination airport.

Some user interface modifications were also built into this release, including more readable fonts and some color changes. As a result, analysis of Agency BI’s charts and key performance indicators is now easier and more impactful.

To learn more about the update or set up a walk-through of bidirectional filtering and other new features in Agency BI, contact us.