At what many consider to be the peak of volatility during the coronavirus crisis, ARC has released its latest industry solution, Travel BI, with the goal of providing timely intelligence to help navigate the current pressures of market uncertainty. Created in less than 30 days to quickly meet industry needs, Travel BI aims to help industry analysts and travel partners gain critical insight into the impacts of this pandemic and monitor the path to recovery.

Providing timely intelligence, updated daily, about the current landscape, Travel BI displays air ticket transaction data just four days after purchase for a clear picture of passenger behavior within this evolving environment. Travel BI also offers insights into future travel demand, displaying data not only by purchase date but also by departure date, enabling its users to make decisions based on actual tickets sold and their associated fare amounts.

“ARC has the most comprehensive dataset of airline ticketing data. In the throes of COVID-19, we knew we had to find a better way to use this data to help the industry analyze first signs of recovery — and quickly,” said Arun Gupta, ARC’s managing director of product management.

ARC’s Travel BI is now available to the market. Customers can choose from the product’s Tableau tool, accessible via web browser and offering interactive data visualizations, or its raw data feed, which can be easily integrated into systems and combined with other datasets.

Request a demo to see a first-hand look at how ARC’s new business intelligence tool can help enhance your air travel insights during these unprecedented times.

This post was updated on August 12. ARC has relaunched its latest solution as ARC Travel Demand. The former BI tool has now expanded its offerings, with the inclusion of global airline sales data, more customizable dataset options and new delivery methods for faster access to intelligence. Read about ARC Travel Demand.