Fraud in the travel industry continues to gain the attention of law enforcement around the world. Evidence shows that passengers traveling on fraudulently obtained tickets are sometimes engaged in other criminal activities. Law enforcement entities around the world are keen to disrupt the fraudsters who are involved in these illicit activities, including drug smuggling and human trafficking.

In early June, ARC participated in an international operation with dozens of airlines, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, Perseuss, IATA and European OTAs to disrupt the fraudsters who prey upon our industry. Great efforts were made to identify passengers traveling on tickets obtained with compromised credit cards or the fraudulent redemption of loyalty program points. Once the fraudulent tickets were identified, leads were sent to regional law enforcement centers, where arrangements were made for the passengers to be interviewed at the departure airport. Valuable information was often obtained about the ticket sellers that peddle these fraudulent tickets.

Many thanks to all the travel partners, law enforcement personnel and other impacted industries around the world that participated in this important operation.

For further information, please read ARC’s press release. If you have any questions regarding this operation or any other fraud incidents, please contact ARC’s Risk Management team at, or call 855-358-0393.